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Positive Instagram Roundup:

Baby Goat: It’s safe to say spring is in full swing at Stepney City Farm. Over the past couple of weeks the baby goats have doubled in size, and baby lambs have been born. I never realised how much I love goats, they are so cheeky!

Phoebe Cat: As I have said before Phoebe is part feral and affection is very much on her own terms. Sometimes we will be having a cuddle and she will become on edge, decide she has had enough and swipe. This week she took it upon herself to sit on my stomach and do flirty eyes at me! Very privileged, very stuck!

Foam Hair Dye: A few weeks ago I bleached the ends of my hair, just for a change. I liked it at first but the condition of my hair was rubbish and I didn’t like the way it looked. I decided to dye it using a John Freida Foam Dye in ‘Dark Chocolate Brown’. I’m so pleased with the results and how much healthier my hair looks.

Organic Vegetables: We have recently had an organic vegetable box delivered weekly. As a veggie this is the biggest treat for me. Just look at that Broccoli!

Snapshots of nature: I love long walks in the countryside, particularly when I’m on Holiday. I can’t wait to book a long walking holiday and take more photographs of the stunning landscapes. Next weekend Drew will be free from exams and we can get back into our weekend to do list.

Feel free to link to your Instagram in the comments below. I recently took a fairly prolonged hiatus from Instagram, I am forever deleting the app and re-uploading it and am fully back onto it now!


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