Monday Musings #2

Hello my lovely! I hope you woke up today, wherever you are, and the sun was shining, and you felt ready for the week ahead… Maybe that’s a little optimistic, but I do hope your Monday wasn’t too stressful, at the very least.

I am currently sitting in a slouchy armchair in my parents kitchen, waiting for some tatoes to boil so I can crack on with the rest of dinner. Today was quite a productive day at work – no I didn’t conquer the world, but I did get lots of little bits and pieces done, that I normally wouldn’t have time or the resources for. A stress free start to the week, so good stuff there.

Productive Weekend

Over the weekend I went through all the boxes under the bed, put some bits on eBay and organised the remaining clothes/cameras etc.

I found and unused sketchbook under the bed and spent most of Saturday night drawing. I always forget how much I love drawing until I start again, and I can’t believe I wasted so much time not doing it!

Since starting work I have fallen into a bad habit of getting into pj’s (no problems there) and sitting on Netflix or iPlayer rather than doing something productive. I’m now going to make a conscious effort to draw every day, even if it’s just for 20 minutes. That still leaves plenty of time for TV, dinner and other bits and bobs.

The Week Ahead

After a few hectic weeks at work, and not feeling too well I finally feel in control of my work schedule. I bought a weekly planner and I feel so much more in control of scheduling my time and different meetings and activities at work. It’s truly a great diary – particularly the added bonus of a pocket for extra bits and pieces. It’s amazing how planning your work day in advance can clear your mind of added stress and disorganisation.

This Weekend

I am really looking forward to this weekend. Mr’s exams will be over, and we will be having dinner Thursday, then out for drinks with friends on Friday. I feel like we can finally make plans and perhaps book a holiday – at the moment we are thinking of going to a few places in Germany including the Black Forest (hello dreamy landscapes)


I’ve become really good with telling myself ‘I don’t need that’ when I see something I like in shops or online. Even if I’m waiting in a queue to buy something, I have frequently left because I realised I don’t need something and it will be a waste of money. However I have been thinking of buying a new phone. The phone I have at the moment is a cheap smartphone, as in, less than £100 cheap. The storage is bad and the camera is even worse. I’m considering buying a Samsung phone, which I know I always like. However instead of just rushing out to buy it because I have the money, I’m going to purposefully save the cash over a few weeks and see if I want to spend the physical cash when I have it.


Anyways, i’m off to do some drawing before bed. Have a great week.

Al. xx




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