Wonderful Wednesday #3

I can’t believe it has already been a week since my last Wonderful Wednesday post, I can’t work out if it has flown by or dragged. Either way here we are. I have a day off work today because I worked the Bank Holiday Weekend (yay there’s another one coming up) and have had a pleasant day with mumsie, going into town and having lunch.  Although I enjoy my job when you have a day off, particularly mid week the exhaustion seems to hit, so I am a little tired and enjoying sitting by the radiator with my laptop and a cup of tea.

eBay  I’m normally too lazy to put things on eBay, I just think ‘ is it worth it?’ – well yes, actually, it is! So far I have made £26 and have a bid of £27 on an item yet to end, plus a couple of other items with no bids so far. Either way it feels good to be recycling my items to a home where they will be enjoyed, and getting a little extra money in the bank is never a bad thing.

Loungewear   for some reason I have always loved loungewear. Today on my visit to town I finally found the Uniqlo lounge set I have been coveting in my size. I kept checking their website but with no luck. . It looks like my normal jeans and striped tee outfit, but a little slouchier. Perfect for lazy days but I can still pop to the shops in it. Hooray!

Oat milk   I have been trying to cut down on my dairy for a while now, especially since watching the BBC film ‘Carnage’ by Simon Amstell. I’m not quite there but have switched my milk from cow’s milk to oat milk. Oat milk is super tasty and bizarrely adds a slightly nutty flavour to tea. In future I will be making my own oat milk to save money and cartons.

Gregg Wallace   I’m behind on Masterchef so no spoilers! I am loving Masterchef, particularly Gregg’s incredible facial expressions and comments to the contestants. He is so nice and friendly compared to John Torode. Watching Masterchef really makes me want to get into cooking, I have no idea what I would make them if I were to try now.

p.s my favourite Gregg Wallace comment on Masterchef to far has got to be him exclaiming “I love Beef Wellington”






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