Daily Project

Good evening lovely people.

I have decided not to post on here daily, my daily posts will be on my instagram. I may post a roundup at some point in the week, perhaps on a Sunday. I am yet undecided.

Here are my daily posts so far 🙂


Monday Musings #2

Hello my lovely! I hope you woke up today, wherever you are, and the sun was shining, and you felt ready for the week ahead… Maybe that’s a little optimistic, but I do hope your Monday wasn’t too stressful, at the very least.

I am currently sitting in a slouchy armchair in my parents kitchen, waiting for some tatoes to boil so I can crack on with the rest of dinner. Today was quite a productive day at work – no I didn’t conquer the world, but I did get lots of little bits and pieces done, that I normally wouldn’t have time or the resources for. A stress free start to the week, so good stuff there.

Productive Weekend

Over the weekend I went through all the boxes under the bed, put some bits on eBay and organised the remaining clothes/cameras etc.

I found and unused sketchbook under the bed and spent most of Saturday night drawing. I always forget how much I love drawing until I start again, and I can’t believe I wasted so much time not doing it!

Since starting work I have fallen into a bad habit of getting into pj’s (no problems there) and sitting on Netflix or iPlayer rather than doing something productive. I’m now going to make a conscious effort to draw every day, even if it’s just for 20 minutes. That still leaves plenty of time for TV, dinner and other bits and bobs.

The Week Ahead

After a few hectic weeks at work, and not feeling too well I finally feel in control of my work schedule. I bought a storage.it weekly planner and I feel so much more in control of scheduling my time and different meetings and activities at work. It’s truly a great diary – particularly the added bonus of a pocket for extra bits and pieces. It’s amazing how planning your work day in advance can clear your mind of added stress and disorganisation.

This Weekend

I am really looking forward to this weekend. Mr’s exams will be over, and we will be having dinner Thursday, then out for drinks with friends on Friday. I feel like we can finally make plans and perhaps book a holiday – at the moment we are thinking of going to a few places in Germany including the Black Forest (hello dreamy landscapes)


I’ve become really good with telling myself ‘I don’t need that’ when I see something I like in shops or online. Even if I’m waiting in a queue to buy something, I have frequently left because I realised I don’t need something and it will be a waste of money. However I have been thinking of buying a new phone. The phone I have at the moment is a cheap smartphone, as in, less than £100 cheap. The storage is bad and the camera is even worse. I’m considering buying a Samsung phone, which I know I always like. However instead of just rushing out to buy it because I have the money, I’m going to purposefully save the cash over a few weeks and see if I want to spend the physical cash when I have it.


Anyways, i’m off to do some drawing before bed. Have a great week.

Al. xx



Sketchbook Doodles

I’ve picked up my sketchbook again. It’s been a good few months since my creative juices have been flowing, and it feels so good. I’m a little rusty, but find drawing so therapeutic, so will definitely be drawing daily, and will hopefully improve and be up to scratch much quicker


Here’s to finding your happy 🙂

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend, have  a good nights sleep and a productive week

Al . xx

A Snapshot of Anxiety

It was 22.45pm and I was lying in bed with my other half listening to a full body scan meditation video, everything was quiet and my body was starting to relax and my mind fall asleep. I must have been half asleep when I realized the video had stopped and I could put my phone on the side. At that point a random, irrational and pointless thought entered my head…. I went into a panick attack. The words were spinning in my head, like 1000 webpages had opened on the browser  in my mind, all spam, and ad blocker seems to have stopped working. As I try to shut them all down the browser in my mind crashes and sends me into a spin. I can’t shake the thoughts and go into a vicious cycle of ruminating and trying to calm down – all making me feel worse.

I know D isn’t asleep yet so I ask if I can have a cuddle because I’m not feeling well. I say I’m having another panick attack so he cuddles me and holds my hand. Tears roll down my cheek as I say I just can’t switch my mind off. He says he can’t either. I know his thoughts are about work and his masters, mine are nonsense, but trying to filter my thoughts can sometimes feel impossible.

The thought that I have to travel over an hour into work tomorrow adds to the anxiety. What if my anxiety gets bad again and I feel like I can’t carry on working? Now i’m shaking as well as crying along with my racing heart.

It’s now 7.32 in the morning and I’m drinking a tea before I get ready for work. I’m feeling calmer, and the thoughts seem to have left me for now. I think I need to check in on my anxiety more frequently to regulate how I’m feeling and reduce the panick attacks again. I’m going to call the GP today and ask for a telephone appointment. My mental health is just as important as my physical health and if I have to take a morning off work to see a GP about more beta blockers I will. I didn’t want to take the time off, but as I say to my service users – your health comes first – I should take my own advice sometimes.

-This blog post hardly covers the physical and mental effects of anxiety, but just one short encounter with a panick attack. I have experienced anxiety for as long as I can remember. I have had CBT and other than this attack am in a good place at the moment. If this post resonates with you, please do comment below and follow me for more updates, stay well and remain positive –

Monday Musings #1

Hello friends! I hope you have had a lovely extended weekend, and feel rested and refreshed. I have just sat down in bed with a hot cup of lemon and ginger tea and some rubbish tele in the background – lush!

I have been feeling quite tired and run down this week, an extension of the snotty cold I am getting over, but I’ve still had a super productive weekend. So here goes, another list, because as I have said before, I do love a list!

  • Spring Cleaning and Getting Organised – this weekend I have focused on organising the bedroom whilst Drew is away. I have gone through my cosmetics/toiletries, the desk, hoovered and polished all surfaces. I’m now going to change the sheets and prepare for a good nights sleep.
  • Coffee – I realised my annual coffee costs (takeaway cups) is probably around £600. That is money I cannot afford to lose! I now haven’t had a takeaway coffee in 5 days. I always want to treat myself to a coffee, but every pound adds up and I know I’ll regret it if I don’t try and save the pounds a little more.
  • Talking of finances I have a new tactic to curb my spendingWhen I’m thinking of buying something I like to think how many hours I’d have to work to pay for it. For instance, I’ve been coveting a Surface Pro 4 for a while, technically I can afford it, but I would have to work around 2 weeks to pay for it. That’s a total of 75 hours to pay for the Surface Pro…. Maybe I don’t want it quite so much! This is also a good one for those cheap purchases. A £5 impulse buy would take 30 minutes to pay off – I don’t want to have to work 30 minutes to pay for impulse purches!
  • Lust Lists – I’m going to make a lust list for any items i’m interested in buying and see how much I really like them in a month or two. My second Lust List is for the items I already own: My tan ankle boots, Gap Body Long Johns, the bag I use every day (almost) without fail. Making a lust list of your own items is so much more positive than things you need to spend money on. Why don’t you give it a go?

What’s on your lust lists? Any tips for pinching the pennies? I’d love to hear some suggestions in the comments 🙂



List #1

I love writing lists; shopping lists, to do lists, lists of aims, packing lists – if I can put it in a list I will.

Today i’m writing a list on my way to work of small happies and things to appreciate.

1. The life saving magic of a hot cup of tea. Sorry M.K today is not your day.

2. The smell of washing powder. For some reason this smell is very seasonal for me. It doesn’t seem to smell as good in winter.

3. Guilty Pleasure Playlists. We all have them right? It can’t just be me? Mine includes The Osmonds ‘Crazy Horses” – that’s all i’m saying.

4. The skincare routine that WORKS. I’ve found a winning combination in burts bees sensitive skin cleansing balm and Pixi toner.

5. Summer Jackets – this has little to do with the actual item and a whole lot to do with the fact i’m no longer lugging around my huge wool coat.

6. Payday next week – again, not so much about the money but the happy feeling that comes with financial security in full time employment.

7. Family Sunday – I’ve decided to work this bank holiday but will be having a family barbecue on Sunday. So i’m excited for the Easter break all the same.

8. Weekend To Do List: in two weeks Drews exams will be over and we can resume our weekend to do list. First up Isokon gallery in Archway.

9. Pinterest: I’ve always loved pinterest but now I know we will be moving soon I have gone all out on my interior boards.

10. House plants: At the moment we have three small house plants. I’m planning the new ones we will get in the new flat. I want to be surrounded by nature, even indoors.

What are your small happies?

Wonderful Wedneday #1

Here it goes, my first Wonderful Wednesday post. I decided to start doing these as I genuinely wait for them and enjoy reading them on other blogs. I don’t know what direction I will take them or the blog in, but who cares, it’s just fun and a nice way to document the week.

Flat Hunting

After the generosity of our parents whilst we finished our degrees and found full time employment me and the Mr are going to look for a one bed flat to rent. Property hunting in Londo is a bloody minefield, but i’m excited for the challenge and to gain a little more independence. We are going to start looking in a couple of weeks time, when we bth have time to go to viewings, and i’m so excited to start this process!

Sunday Dinner in the Garden

This Sunday we went to dinner and as the day was so gorgeous and sunny we ate dinner on the grass in the garden. I don’t know whether it’s because I work full time now, but the longer brighter days make me so much happier than ever before. I used to be a happy winter bunny, but now I just crave those long summer evenings and time spent outdoors.

Phoebe Cat

My cat phoebe is an indoor cat. Phoebe was mistreated as a kitten, taken away from her mum too soon and sold to me too young. We didn’t realise she was only 5/6 weeks old when we got her, until the vet let us know. As an indoor cat she has alsways been a bit on the porky side. Recently I have cut down her food and stopped everyone giving her treats. She seems to have lost weight in around 2/3 weeks, you can see her little cat cheekbones, her fur is soft and shiny and she is far more confident! Yay phoebs!

Getting Organized/Routines

After a hectic week and feeling a bit overwhelmed I have changed my Sunday evening routine. Now I make sure I spend 15 minutes looking at my work diary for the following week. It’s helped me to feel more prepared and in control of my work week. My new diary also helps as it has a section for extra notes each day and general week notes. I make a To Do List on the Sunday and at any point in the week. I might also try adding in personal weekly goals to this diary, just in the corner of the week. First one: Cut down on coffee!

Ballet Flats and Boots

After the dog ate many pairs of my shoes I have seriously been lacking shoes, particularly for work. This week I found some nice quilted chanel-esque pumps and tan ankle boots in the sale! So chuffed as the two pairs together cost less than 40 pounds! The ballet flats have caused a tiny blister, but are extremely soft and comfortable to wear all day. Very pleased I don’t have to wear trainers everywhere now!

Love Al,


Thanks to Kelly for her Wonderful Wednesday posts and the links to blogs like Sally’s .


Weekly Roundup


I’ve felt a little uninspired to post anything on this blog, not because I dislike blogging, I really enjoy reading the lovely blogs I follow on the way to work in the morning, but I’m not a natural writer, and I think that’s put me off a little. I’ve also felt a little uninspired by the Minimalism thing – this was the main reason I started a blog, and yes I do agree with the principles of living a more meaningful and purposeful life, but ultimately it’s a little boring reading about it all the time, let alone writing about it. So where do I go from here? Well something I think I will do to get back into the swing of posting is start writing weekly roundups – something I have seen a lot of my favourite blogs do. So here goes!

This week has been a little chaotic to be truthful. Work was so busy I barely had time to eat lunch, and on a couple of days I didn’t. This was fine the first day (Tuesday) but by midday Thursday it started to take it’s toll and I felt absolutely exhausted. Friday morning I worked a half day which really rejuvenated me, and this weekend I have spent doing life admin and relaxing, so i’m feeling on top of it all again – Because of this I have decided to dedicate a short amount of time Sunday looking over my diary to prepare myself for the week to come.

Today I went to the supermarket and bought a few bits and pieces for the week for lunch. I really struggle with lunch as not many places near work have vegetarian options, and I really shouldn’t be wasting my money on overpriced sandwiches anyway. So I picked up some stuffed mushrooms reduced, for Tuesdays lunch, tomorrow I have left over frittata we made this weekend, and I bought some nice bread to make sandwiches myself. I also made a beetroot salad, so I’m quite excited for my packed lunches and to make sure I look after myself this week. No more exhaustion. No more low sugar levels.

This week we changed our sheets over from my favourite jersey duvet set to a poly cotton set. I absolutely love the jersey set, but i’m glad it’s getting warmer and the days are getting longer and brighter. Plus I forgot about this zigzag pattern duvet cover and I think it looks really lush.


I finally found some work shoes that fit! It sounds so silly but I have THE most awkward feet ever, no shoes fit them! During my second week of my new job my dog ate my work shoes and I haven’t been able to find replacements (look at that face, she could get away with murder!) This weekend I found a pair of quilted pumps that fit, just in time for the warmer weather!

Lastly I have started to draw again! Since finishing my Fine Art Degree in July last year I have hardly made anything. I felt so uninspired, as if University crushed my creativity – To be able to pick up a nice illustration pen and doodle without the pressure of critique and grades is so enjoyable. I really like the doodles I have done and can’t wait to continue to practice. Drawing has always enabled me to zone out, off into another world. So to feel that way again is so brill. I may even post some of my drawings on here another day.

So how has your week been?