Sweet Dreams Grandad

On Sunday 30th April my Grandad passed away. He was 99 years young and died surrounded by those that love him more than anything else in the world. We have cared for my Grandad at home for the past 9 years, and the empty seat on the sofa feels strange to say the least. He was fiercely independent and died with the same dignity and pride he always had. Although I feel intense sadness and a lack of interest in most things, I know this feeling will pass.

I am taking inspiration from one of my favourite blogs, Tammy Strobel’s Rowdy Kittens and will be starting a daily photographic project to give me something to focus on and aim for over the coming weeks – to help come to terms with this grief and regain an interest in one of my loves, photography.

Please see my next post for my first day of this new and exciting project.

Lots of love, Al. xx

Wonderful Wednesday #3

I can’t believe it has already been a week since my last Wonderful Wednesday post, I can’t work out if it has flown by or dragged. Either way here we are. I have a day off work today because I worked the Bank Holiday Weekend (yay there’s another one coming up) and have had a pleasant day with mumsie, going into town and having lunch.  Although I enjoy my job when you have a day off, particularly mid week the exhaustion seems to hit, so I am a little tired and enjoying sitting by the radiator with my laptop and a cup of tea.

eBay  I’m normally too lazy to put things on eBay, I just think ‘ is it worth it?’ – well yes, actually, it is! So far I have made £26 and have a bid of £27 on an item yet to end, plus a couple of other items with no bids so far. Either way it feels good to be recycling my items to a home where they will be enjoyed, and getting a little extra money in the bank is never a bad thing.

Loungewear   for some reason I have always loved loungewear. Today on my visit to town I finally found the Uniqlo lounge set I have been coveting in my size. I kept checking their website but with no luck. . It looks like my normal jeans and striped tee outfit, but a little slouchier. Perfect for lazy days but I can still pop to the shops in it. Hooray!

Oat milk   I have been trying to cut down on my dairy for a while now, especially since watching the BBC film ‘Carnage’ by Simon Amstell. I’m not quite there but have switched my milk from cow’s milk to oat milk. Oat milk is super tasty and bizarrely adds a slightly nutty flavour to tea. In future I will be making my own oat milk to save money and cartons.

Gregg Wallace   I’m behind on Masterchef so no spoilers! I am loving Masterchef, particularly Gregg’s incredible facial expressions and comments to the contestants. He is so nice and friendly compared to John Torode. Watching Masterchef really makes me want to get into cooking, I have no idea what I would make them if I were to try now.

p.s my favourite Gregg Wallace comment on Masterchef to far has got to be him exclaiming “I love Beef Wellington”






Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 09.57.28

Positive Instagram Roundup:

Baby Goat: It’s safe to say spring is in full swing at Stepney City Farm. Over the past couple of weeks the baby goats have doubled in size, and baby lambs have been born. I never realised how much I love goats, they are so cheeky!

Phoebe Cat: As I have said before Phoebe is part feral and affection is very much on her own terms. Sometimes we will be having a cuddle and she will become on edge, decide she has had enough and swipe. This week she took it upon herself to sit on my stomach and do flirty eyes at me! Very privileged, very stuck!

Foam Hair Dye: A few weeks ago I bleached the ends of my hair, just for a change. I liked it at first but the condition of my hair was rubbish and I didn’t like the way it looked. I decided to dye it using a John Freida Foam Dye in ‘Dark Chocolate Brown’. I’m so pleased with the results and how much healthier my hair looks.

Organic Vegetables: We have recently had an organic vegetable box delivered weekly. As a veggie this is the biggest treat for me. Just look at that Broccoli!

Snapshots of nature: I love long walks in the countryside, particularly when I’m on Holiday. I can’t wait to book a long walking holiday and take more photographs of the stunning landscapes. Next weekend Drew will be free from exams and we can get back into our weekend to do list.

Feel free to link to your Instagram in the comments below. I recently took a fairly prolonged hiatus from Instagram, I am forever deleting the app and re-uploading it and am fully back onto it now!

Wonderful Wednesday #2

Hello my lovelies! So it’s my second Wonderful Wednesdays post and I’m a bit out of sync with blogging, so it’s a little late on a Wednesday, but better late than never!

This week is going by so quickly, it’s scary how the time flies. Not much has happened since my last post. My other half went away for a good few nights to do some work, so I spent time with family and chilled out at home. Yesterday he came home and I was so happy to see his face, I hate being soppy, but you have to every now and then 🙂



Up until a couple of years ago I had never really had to cook for myself. My Dad is a fantastic chef and always loved to cook for us and feed us up. Since we moved back in with my parents I haven’t cooked very much – today I cooked a healthy pasta with tonnes of vegetables. It was easy, tasty and therapeutic to cook.

Save the Change

I follow a fantastic blog called Can’t Swing a Cat, it’s a great thrifty finance blog that doesn’t suggest saving coupons and doing surveys to earn money. From this blog I found out my bank account has a ‘Save the Change’ feature to transfer extra change into my savings account without knowing. I’m looking forward to saving without having to think about it, and I feel like I’m taking all the right steps to be financially responsible.

Easter Eggs

I’m not normally one to celebrate Easter but as my family were all together this past weekend we ended up accidentally celebrating. My Mum bought everyone an Easter Egg as a treat so I decided to buy her one. Sometimes it’s nice to give small tokens to those you care about. She was really pleased with her egg and even though it was only small it felt good to get her a treat. I think this is something I’m going to try to do more, even if it’s just a little something here and there, or doing some extra housework.

Holiday Plans

This week I have been thinking more about this years holiday plans. It will be a little harder than previous years to plan holidays around both our jobs, but i’m excited all the same. At the moment we are thinking of going to the Eden Project for a weekend and a long trip to somewhere in Italy. A little more research to be done I think!

Al xx

Monday Musings #1

Hello friends! I hope you have had a lovely extended weekend, and feel rested and refreshed. I have just sat down in bed with a hot cup of lemon and ginger tea and some rubbish tele in the background – lush!

I have been feeling quite tired and run down this week, an extension of the snotty cold I am getting over, but I’ve still had a super productive weekend. So here goes, another list, because as I have said before, I do love a list!

  • Spring Cleaning and Getting Organised – this weekend I have focused on organising the bedroom whilst Drew is away. I have gone through my cosmetics/toiletries, the desk, hoovered and polished all surfaces. I’m now going to change the sheets and prepare for a good nights sleep.
  • Coffee – I realised my annual coffee costs (takeaway cups) is probably around £600. That is money I cannot afford to lose! I now haven’t had a takeaway coffee in 5 days. I always want to treat myself to a coffee, but every pound adds up and I know I’ll regret it if I don’t try and save the pounds a little more.
  • Talking of finances I have a new tactic to curb my spendingWhen I’m thinking of buying something I like to think how many hours I’d have to work to pay for it. For instance, I’ve been coveting a Surface Pro 4 for a while, technically I can afford it, but I would have to work around 2 weeks to pay for it. That’s a total of 75 hours to pay for the Surface Pro…. Maybe I don’t want it quite so much! This is also a good one for those cheap purchases. A £5 impulse buy would take 30 minutes to pay off – I don’t want to have to work 30 minutes to pay for impulse purches!
  • Lust Lists – I’m going to make a lust list for any items i’m interested in buying and see how much I really like them in a month or two. My second Lust List is for the items I already own: My tan ankle boots, Gap Body Long Johns, the bag I use every day (almost) without fail. Making a lust list of your own items is so much more positive than things you need to spend money on. Why don’t you give it a go?

What’s on your lust lists? Any tips for pinching the pennies? I’d love to hear some suggestions in the comments 🙂



List #1

I love writing lists; shopping lists, to do lists, lists of aims, packing lists – if I can put it in a list I will.

Today i’m writing a list on my way to work of small happies and things to appreciate.

1. The life saving magic of a hot cup of tea. Sorry M.K today is not your day.

2. The smell of washing powder. For some reason this smell is very seasonal for me. It doesn’t seem to smell as good in winter.

3. Guilty Pleasure Playlists. We all have them right? It can’t just be me? Mine includes The Osmonds ‘Crazy Horses” – that’s all i’m saying.

4. The skincare routine that WORKS. I’ve found a winning combination in burts bees sensitive skin cleansing balm and Pixi toner.

5. Summer Jackets – this has little to do with the actual item and a whole lot to do with the fact i’m no longer lugging around my huge wool coat.

6. Payday next week – again, not so much about the money but the happy feeling that comes with financial security in full time employment.

7. Family Sunday – I’ve decided to work this bank holiday but will be having a family barbecue on Sunday. So i’m excited for the Easter break all the same.

8. Weekend To Do List: in two weeks Drews exams will be over and we can resume our weekend to do list. First up Isokon gallery in Archway.

9. Pinterest: I’ve always loved pinterest but now I know we will be moving soon I have gone all out on my interior boards.

10. House plants: At the moment we have three small house plants. I’m planning the new ones we will get in the new flat. I want to be surrounded by nature, even indoors.

What are your small happies?